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Here we go:

Graduated from Istanbul University @2010: a computer engineer by heart. Thesis on Wireless Mesh Networks.

Chosen as a Microsoft Student Partner twice. Worked for a while as a software developer on .NET  platform.

Started at Anadolu University, as a second major-so to say-, on BA field.

Started MSc at Istanbul Technical University at 2010. Worked for a while more as a .NET developer.

Moved to Italy.

Got a Master of Science degree from Politecnico di Milano. Worked as a Java developer. Thesis subject on Cloud Computing, got hands very dirty with OpenStack, MAAS, and juju.

Interested in CS/IT (by nature): IoT, statistics/patterns/analysis of Big Data, cloud, IT Security. Standards, quality, PM are my secondary development paths. Entrepreneur blood flows through my veins-occasionally.

Globetrotter. Polyglot-to-be.

Philosophy, politics, arts, biology, theology, mythology, architecture, or whatever a person could have in his mind are subjects that i’d enjoy talking about.


“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” -Churchill

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