Alp Altıntürk

M.Sc Computer Engineer, Consultant, Gadgeteer

Composing "Design, Architecture, Engineering" aspects of Politecnico di Milano and having them as work principles, I have the right tools to engage in my passion: solving problems with technology. Solution development has become my natural skill; the number of languages I can develop software in is more than the languages I can fluently speak. I code as a hobby on web and mobile, also worked on Arduino and Pi projects to adapt IoT to everyday life.

Currently I'm working as an Enterprise Performance Management & Business Analytics consultant, developing solutions using different technologies, such as SAP, IBM Cognos TM1 and Oracle Essbase. Catch me on MSDN or StackOverflow too!

I write with pen and paper most of the time. Yet my blog is (was) mostly about information technologies. Have a look.

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